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In 2009,  I Daniel Kwaku Botchway, CEO of World-beater Ventures Limited, bought my third car with the help of a friend Mr. William Essilfie & Partners, Ghanaians resident in the United States of America. This car, a 2005 Volks Wagen Passat, was bought from an Auction Company, Copart USA. The next car I bought from this same company was a 2008 Pontiac Vibe SUV. This was in 2014. In both transactions, I saved some money as compared with buying those vehicles from the local market. After that, I am often approached by friends and asked to help them purchase cars from this source since they will also save some money by doing that. I have helped some friends in that regard though but upon second thought, I decided to Register and Partner with Copart USA, and through that, help as many people as possible to buy reasonably ‘cheap cars’ for a little fee, out of which they can save some money for other things.

This gave birth to World-beater Ventures Limited, Cheap Cars Department, from 2015, and to that effect, this corporate website, linked to the thousands of cars on Copart’s multinational website, is made available to the general public to live-bid for cars, win bids, ship those cars to Ghana, clear them through reliable Clearing Agents that I have worked with over the years, or pick a clearing agent of their choices, and profit from the transaction.

Our calculation and planning at World-beater Ventures Limited-Cheap Cars, is to be a force to reckon with in auction cars distribution throughout Ghana and Africa, and this assures us of a very promising business future, and we expect to rake in some hundred thousand’s, if not millions($M) of the United States of American’s dollars by the next five years.


At World-beater Ventures Limited-Cheap Cars, we say …go get it!